Work Distribution


    Budget & Committee Satyanarain, Superintendent

    Ext. 7744

    Compilation of Revenue & Capital Budget, Supplementary Estimates, Advance from Contingency Fund, Presentation of Audit Reports/Finance Accounts/ Appropriation Accounts/ PAC/ COPU/ Estimates Committees Reports, Meetings of PAC/COPU/Estimates Committee, Regularization of excess over voted grants, Coordination work of FD, Distribution of work amongst the Officers, Economy in exp., Audit Objections, nomination of officers to various courses, Reforms in structure of Budget Amendments in the list of Major & Minor Heads of Accounts, Performance Budgeting, Zero Base Budgeting and Computerization of Budget Deepali Malik Extn. 8856

    Pankaj, IAS, SSF

    Extn. 7732

    Ways & Means Darshan, Superintendent Ext. 7735 Wheat Loans, interest payment and receipts, fixation of rate of interest on loans,   RBI Market loans, Waiving of interest, Public Accounts Section (Provident Fund, Small Savings, Group Insurance, Reserve Funds Suspense, remittance etc.) Guarantees, Securities, LG & SD supply information and W&M position. Prabhu Dayal, Extn. 8854

    Pankaj, IAS, SSF

    Extn. 7732

    Finance General-I

    (FG-I) Govt. Institution Sector

    Pawan Kumar Sharma, Superintendent

    Ext. 8863

    Budget control of the office of Governor, High Court, Vidhan Sabha, Advocate General, A.G.O.T., Council of Ministers, L.R., Chief Secretariat Establishment., Public Service Commission, HSSC, Printing &Stationery , Vigilance, Hospitality, Public Relations, Planning, Rehabilitation, Prosecution, Cultural Affairs Departments. Ajay Kumar, Extn. 8876 Extn. 7748

    Finance General-I (A) Revenue Sector

    Pawan Kumar Sharma, Superintendent

    Ext. 8863

    Revenue & Disaster Management, Small Savings & Lotteries, Treasuries & Accounts, Excise &Taxation, Local Audit, Institution of Finance & Credit Control (IFCC), ESA (Planning), Election and Miscellaneous work. Ajay Kumar, Extn. 8876

    G.Komal Kishore, IRS, SF

    Extn. 7714

    Finance Irrigation & Civil Works (FICW) Anil Kumar,


    Ext. 7736

    Budget Control of the Deptt. of Irrigation, PWD (B&R), Public Health Engineering, Science & Technology, Chief Electrical Inspector, Power Corporations, Architecture, New & Renewable Energy. Prabhu Dayal, Extn. 8854

    Pankaj,IAS, SSF

    Extn. 7732

    Finance Development (FD-I)

    Urmila Devi Ext. 8865

    Budget Control of the Deptt. of Cooperation, Agriculture, Soil & Conservation, Area Dev., Animal Husbandry, Dairy Dev., Panchayats & Dev., Fisheries, Crop Husbandry Deptt. and Haryana Agri. University., Rural Development. Majneet Kaur Extn. 8860

    Radhika, HCS, DSF

    Extn. 7748

    Finance General-II (FG-II)

    Archana, Superintendent Ext. 8864

    Budget control of the Deptts. Of Social Welfare, Welfare of SCs & BCs, Food & Supplies, Housing, Group Insurance Scheme, Ex-Gratia Grant, Pension and Retirement, Women & Child Deptts. Social Justice Empowerment, Sainik & Ardh Sainik, Sports & Youth Affair Charanjeet Kaur Extn. 8861

    Sofia Dahiya, IC&AS, SFA

    Extn. 6623

    Finance Development- II (FD-II)

    Kamlesh, Superintendent Ext. 8866

    Higher Education, Secondary Education, Elementary Education, Haryana School Siksha Pariyojna Parishad, Skill Development & Industrial Training, Technical Education. Manjeet Kaur Extn. 8860 ——-

    Finance Development- IIA (FD-II-A)

    Kamlesh, Superintendent Ext. 8866

    Budget Control of the Department of Health , Family Welfare, Ayurveda, ESI and cases of Re-imbursement of Medical Expenses, Food & Drug Administration, Medical Education & Research, Societies of Health. Manjeet Kaur Extn. 8860 ——–

    Finance Development- III (FD-III)

    Usha, Superintendent Ext. 8867

    Budget Control of the Deptt. of Town and Country Plg., Local Bodies, Indl. Trg., Preservation, Non- Conventional Sources of Energy, Fire Services, Housing, Urban Estates Charanjeet Kaur Extn. 8861 ———

    Finance Development- III-A (FD-III A)

    Usha, Superintendent Ext. 8867

    Environment, Forest & Wild Life, Industries & Commerce, Supplies & Disposals, Electronics & Information Technology, Mines & Geology and MSME. Charanjeet Kaur Extn. 8861 ———

    Finance Regulation (FR)

    Vijay Grover, Superintendent Ext.

    Advance increment, Amendment in CSR, PFR, Deputation, GPF/CPF including amendment/ Interpretation of Rules/ Instructions, Compulsory waiting period. Dual Charges, Honorarium, LTC. FA Rules (all matters including Maternity leave disability leave, study leave, earned leave, extra-ordinary leave, half pay leave), Dearness Allowance, DA to Pensioners. Foreign Training, Journey beyond Jurisdiction, Compulsory Deposit Scheme. All allowances (including CCA, Hill Areas, Sweeping allowance, HRA etc) Foreign Travel (all matters), Leave-encashment (all matters), Bonus, Time Barred Claim, TA/DA to retired Government employees, all matters relating to STR.

    Nain Singh, Senior Accounts Officer

    Extn. 7746

    Pay Revision Pankaj Khurana Ext. 7742 Verification of pay (Secretariat. Employees), Revision of books & Manuals of the Finance Department, pay fixation General advice, Fixation of Pay of employees of all departments, Change of the options of the employee, Benefit of ad hoc service, Revision of UGC scale, Special Pay, Selection Grade and cases relating to pay revision/anomalies of all categories of all departments Pawan                 Kumar Goyal, CAO Extn. 7713 Manoj Khatri, Extn. 9939

    Finance Accounts (FA) Darshan Kumar, Superintendent

    Ext. 8868

    A.D. of the T&A, Local Audit, Lotteries & Small Savings Departments. Sumer Yadav Extn. 8875 Manoj Khatri Extn. 9939


    Sh. Rajesh Miglani, SAO Ext. 7743

    Policy cases relating to expeditious disposal of pension cases, Co-ordination/Monitoring the progress of pension cases with all Heads of Departments./ A.Ds.

    Policy regarding grant of Pension, CSR Vol.II (all maters including amendments/interpretation/ relaxation), pay fixation of re-employed Civil/Military pensioners, Ad hoc Relief and other relief to pensioners, Gratuity.

    Rajbir, CAO Extn. 7733 Manoj Khatri, Extn. 9939

    Legal Cell Mandeep, ADA Balraj, ADA Dharmesh, ADA

    Ext. 8860

    Preparation and Vetting of replies of court cases and also briefing the case to concerned law officers at the time of hearing in the court.

    Amarjeet Singh, DA

    Extn. 8821


    Service Sector Silak Ram, Superintendent

    Ext. 7735

    Home, Tourism,  Transport, Civil  Aviation, Employment, Labour, Transport Commissioner. Deepali Malik Extn. 8856

    Sofia Dahiya, IC&AS, SFA

    Extn. 6623

    Computer Cell Prabhat Bisht, Office-in-charge Extn.7734 Computerisation of Annual State Budget which include entry and printing of all documents Revenue, Capital, Receipt, Development Schemes Memo, FS Memo, Budget-at-a –Glance, Supplementary Estimates, Excess over voted grants and generation of all supporting statements, Importing of Actual from AG office, Preparation of Budget CDs for distribution in HVS, Hosting of Budget, Daily Entry of Ways & Means position received from RBI and generation of reports, Computerisation of Forecast, Running of Central Diary system in the Finance Department, Preparing presentations for planning commission and routine meetings, Hosting of FD instructions and forms on website, Technical support to all the Branches of Finance Department. Charanjeet Kaur Extn. 8861

    Pankaj,IAS, SSF

    Extn. 7732

    State Budget & Fiscal Management (SBFM) Udayveer,Research Officer Formulation of resources, Plan financing, assessment of receipts and expenditure-all matter relating of Planning. Commission and NDC including monitoring of central assistance, works relating to resources and Economy committee etc. work relating to Finance Commission and other allied matters in connection with center state financial relation. Monitoring of Externally Aided Projects and formulation of project proposals for posing the sponsoring agencies & Monthly and Quarterly review of EAOs at state level and also at Central Govt. Level. Raj Kumar, Deputy Director Extn. 7730

    Pankaj,IAS, SSF

    Extn. 7732

    Haryana Bureau of Public Enterprises (HBPE)

    Charan Singh, ARO Extn. 8862

    Cases relating to FDs nominees on Board of Director, Framing of policy regarding Economy in Expenditure , Grant of permission to engage person on contact basis, purchase of vehicles, pensioner benefit to employees of various Boards/ Corporations, court cases of , grant of bonus/Ex-Gratia to employees of Boards/Corporation for Public Enterprises (PEs), Guidelines regarding appointments. of SAS personnel on PEs, Clarification in services matters like ACP scheme, pay scales, add. increment, change of option etc. permission for hiring of Buildings, journey beyond 10 days, constitution of HBPE and case of appointment of Chairman/members, share investment. Appointment of arbitrator in disputed cases of PEs, creation of posts and revision of pay scales of employees of Boards/Corporation through HBPE.

    Kiran Lekha Walia

    Extn. 7739