Volume-I          Fixation of Pay
Volume-II        HCS Revised Pay Ruels 1998, 1987,1980 & 1969
Volume-III       Pension of Post 2006 Pensioners and Defined Contributory Pension Scheme
Volume-IV       Pension of Pre 2006 Pensioners and Dearness Relief
Volume-V        Allowances to Govt. Employees
Volume-VI       Dearness Allowance to Govt. Employees
Volume-VII     Miscellaneous of CSR
Volume-VIII    Haryana GPF Rules, 2006 and Instructions
Volume-IX       Amendments in CSR and PFR etc.
Volume-X         Loans and Advances to Govt. Employees
Volume-XI       Economy in Expenditure
Volume-XII      PAC, CAG Matter
Volume-XIII    Budget Formulation (Receipt and Expenditure)
Volume-XIV    Financial Regulations
Volume-XV     Instructions issued by HBPE
Volume-XVI    Instructions for Judicial Officers
Volume-XVII  Consolidated Date-wise list of Instructions